A sneak peek at the Connect Monitor

Aug 13, 2020 12:06:41 PM / by David Burden

Wellington Drive Technologies new ConnectTM Monitor is rolling out to selected field trial customers in August 2020. Over the next few blogs, we are going to introduce you to the many features of this versatile refrigeration IoT device.

Connect Monitor is a battery powered multifunctional sensor explicitly designed for refrigeration and frozen applications. It measures temperature, compressor operation, door swings, tilt (cooler movement), asset location and light intensity.

This highly versatile sensor is self-contained in one small package. Connect Monitor has two significant advantages over similar devices. Firstly, it has an inbuilt data-logger, storing up to two months of data, and secondly, a patented door swing sensor allowing flexible mounting inside coolers, freezers or cabinets.


In vertical coolers, you mount Connect Monitor on the side wall, close to the evaporator, within a few centimetres of the glass door. Yes, that’s right, no ugly sensors stuck on your glass door messing up the consumer’s view of your beautiful products. Attach the Connect Monitor to the sidewall with the included tape, or screw it in place, so it never falls off.

Connect Monitor is easy to install and setup. Simply tap your smartphone on the Monitor to activate it, then link it to your asset and the Connect Cloud. We’ll tell you more about the NFC and QR codes on Connect Monitor in a few weeks.

The inbuilt memory logs all the data from the Connect Monitor and stores it away for about eight weeks. Then it replaces the oldest data first, so it always has a log of the past eight weeks. Information is passed from the Connect Monitor to the Connect Cloud each time a registered smartphone with either the Wellington Connect Field, or Track app is within range.

Next week we will cover the fantastic work of the engineering team to ensure the Connect Monitor has more than five years of battery life in normal operating conditions.

Please note: Currently, the specifications of Connect Monitor are subject to change.

For further information on Connect Monitor, click here.


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David Burden

Written by David Burden

Mr Burden joined Wellington in 2018 as part of the iProximity acquisition. He is an Australian entrepreneur with 30 years of experience leading start-ups and successful technology businesses. He founded and led what became Australia’s largest and best-recognised interactive and mobile services company, Legion Interactive. In 2008, he joined the ASX-listed digital media company Webfirm Group (now Adslot) as group CEO. Within three years he took it from a valuation of A$2m to a peak of A$120m. In December 2013, Mr Burden and Rohan Lean established an exciting new IoT company, iProximity, with a focus on proximity marketing and digital information services. iProximity was acquired by Wellington in July 2018.


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